Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Documents handled:

  • Basic research, Non-clinical studies
  • Clinical studies (Clinical trials´╝ë
  • Pharmaceutical development, Quality assurance
  • Manufacturing and Marketing approval applications
  • Safety information
  • Post-marketing documents
  • Legislation, Guideline, Notification
  • Marketing
  • PR and Investor Relations
  • Research paper, Medical/ Scientific publication, Medical information

Japanese, English,Chinese, other Asian and European languages

Medical Writing

  • Research papers
  • Academic conference presentation materials
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Post-marketing promotional materials

Planning/organization of seminars on publications

AI Translation Solutions

  • Glossary/parallel translation compilation
  • Translation processing support service
  • Original AI translation engine (adaptation)
  • User training
  • MT consulting

original site

Sales of AIKO SciLingual

Equipped with an original translation engine that specializes in medicine and pharmaceuticals, AIKO SciLingual can be tailored for use on various documents and purposes.
Superior Features:

  1. Easy-to-use cloud system
  2. Easy-to-use CAT tools installed as standard: terminology and bilingual data can be stored easily
  3. Security: Confidential documents are safe because the data will not be used for secondary purposes by a third party. General-purpose engines such as Google and Microsoft can also be used securely.
  4. Unlimited use: File size limit but unlimited frequency of use.
  5. Support from ASCA: Create a dictionary, manage bilingual data, and provide post-editing or translation depending on the purpose of the document (separate fee)

Branding and Advertising through Science

  • Advertorials
  • Webinar
  • Job Posting
  • 3rd Party Email
  • Banner
  • Others

Marketing Support

  • Planning/preparation of medical and scientific contents
  • Preparation of promotional materials
  • Literature search
  • Other Services
  • Conference interpretation
  • Audio transcription