ASCA has worked long and hard to be a bridge between Japan and the world. We have consistently supported clients in healthcare and other domains with our reliable translation and medical document writing services.

1995: The year ASCA Corporation was established, the internet was only in its infancy. We spent vast amounts of research time before we could deliver even a short translation document. However, the information we handled was vital, affecting human life. There were no shortcuts.

2022: The scene is dramatically different. IT has totally revolutionized the way we work. Today, the improvement in AI-assisted translation and other advances in technology are enabling us to reduce the time and processing effort needed in delivering the best to our clients.

What has NOT changed? Human beings make machines learn and human beings finalize the process - no change here. Working hand in hand with AI, we humans at ASCA capitalize on our specialized experience in translating and writing medical and pharmaceutical documents. Generating the best and speediest outcome, ASCA propels medical advances and supports global drug development.

Vast strides in technology mean that we may soon break down language barriers. I believe that swift barrier-free communication will safeguard people's lives throughout the world, moving us closer to attaining global peace.
With our core conviction that language is vital to life, ASCA strives to deliver language expertise, now and always.

Eiko Ishioka

President Eiko Ishioka