Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

ASCA Corporation (“ASCA”) may handle the personal information of the contact persons for customers, freelance translators, writers, interpreters, seminar participants, and other relevant persons in order to provide various services, including translation, medical writing, interpretation, etc.

To handle personal information appropriately under its social responsibility obligations as a company, ASCA hereby declares that we are establishing the Personal Information Protection Policy, including the following matters, and that we will implement and maintain said Policy.

  1. 1.Concerning the handling of personal information at all businesses, ASCA shall establish a personal information protection system that complies with laws and regulations, guidelines provided by the national government, and other rules related to the handling of personal information, and shall thereby protect personal information.
  2. 2.ASCA shall specify the purpose of use of the personal information when acquiring or using personal information, and will not handle personal information that goes beyond the necessary scope of achieving the specified purpose of use. Furthermore, in order to prevent use other than for the specified purpose, ASCA shall implement appropriate information management actions.
  3. 3.ASCA shall never provide personal information it has acquired to a third party except in cases where there is consent from the individual concerned or where there is a legal requirement.
  4. 4.If ASCA receives any complaint or consultation regarding the handling of personal information, it shall investigate relevant facts swiftly and will deal with the matter in good faith within a reasonable period of time.
  5. 5.ASCA shall apply safety measures from organizational, human, physical and technical aspects in order to manage acquired personal information appropriately, in an effort to prevent and remedy any leak, loss or damage relating to privacy.
  6. 6.ASCA shall review its privacy policy system and improve its actions to protect privacy in line with shifts in social and environmental circumstances.

First Adopted: January 10, 2006
Revised: July 1, 2023

Eiko Ishioka
ASCA Corporation

Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Use

ASCA Corporation (“ASCA”) shall obtain personal information in a fair and lawful manner and shall use it for the following operations and purposes.

1. 1 Business Activities

  1. ·All services relating to translation, editing of English and medical writing
  2. ·Production of publications and web contents
  3. ·Planning, production and organization of lectures, seminars and special events
  4. ·Information services
  5. ·All services relating to interpretation
  6. ·All business activities supplementing all of the above

1. 2 Purpose of Use

  1. ·Appropriate and smooth execution of business transactions with clients
  2. ·Communication for business purposes and forwarding of greetings and notice letters
  3. ·Appropriate and smooth execution of ASCA’s business activities
  4. ·Exercise of rights and execution of duty in accordance with contracts and legislation relating to ASCA’s business activities
  5. ·Appropriate and smooth execution of contracted business activities
  6. ·ASCA’s recruitment screening
  7. ·Employment management of ASCA’s employees
  8. ·Information dissemination and communication with respect to retired employees

2. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

ASCA shall comply with legal requirements and shall not provide personal information to any third party without prior approval by the person whose information is concerned; provided, however, that personal information may be provided in any of the following cases:

  1. ·where such provision is based on a legal request or order;
  2. ·where prior approval is obtained from the person in question; or
  3. ·where an outsourcing agreement or confidentiality agreement is concluded between ASCA and an outsourcing company or person to ensure appropriate handling of personal information.

3. Safety Control of Personal Information

ASCA shall take appropriate safety control measures in order to prevent the loss, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information. ASCA shall also comply with necessary procedures and appropriately protect personal information by providing education and training for employees involved in handling personal information, taking security measures for the information system, and other measures.

4. Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

If a person desires to disclose, correct, or delete his/her personal information, please use our contact window, Contact Us. ASCA will respond to the request to the extent that is reasonable.

4. 1 Contact Details for Request for Disclosure, etc.

Complaints and Consultation:
If using ordinary postal service, please complete and forward the required request form to the address below, attaching all necessary documentation.
General Affairs Department, ASCA Corporation,1-8-13 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0046, Japan.

4. 2 Documents Required

  1. Personal Information Notification of Purpose/Disclosure Request Form
  2. Personal Information Correction Request Form
  3. Personal Information Stop of Use Request Form
  4. ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport)
  5. Documents that confirm the power of legal representation if acting as legal representative, in addition to the four documents listed above.

*Permanent domicile and other detailed sensitive information contained in the documents should be crossed out before submission to ASCA. Upon receipt, if ASCA finds this not to have been done, ASCA shall mask these to prevent acquisition of such information.

4. 3 Fees

When a request is made for disclosure or for notification of purpose of use, each request shall incur a fee of 1,000 yen. When making a request by post, the fee should be paid through bank transfer or other methods.

For further details regarding Disclosure, etc., contact ASCA as shown below in 3.

5. Complaint and Consultation on Personal Information Handling

Regarding complaints and consultation relating to ASCA’s handling of personal information, please contact ASCA using the following contact details:

Contact Us

General Affairs Division, ASCA Corporation
TEL:06-6202-6272 (Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 17:00)