Quality Policy

ASCA Corporation (“ASCA”) provides documentation services in the life sciences field to the quality standards that our customers demand in terms of deliverables, delivery dates, costs, etc. ASCA is sensitive to market demands, contributes to people and society through its business activities, and thereby seeks to create new values. Accordingly, ASCA has established a “Quality Policy” and continues to provide high-quality products and services that satisfy our customers.

1. Identifying Customer Needs and Expectations

ASCA shall thoroughly ascertain customer needs, utilize the latest technologies and expertise, and provide excellent deliverables. ASCA shall also meet delivery dates and optimize cost management, placing the highest priority on satisfying customer expectations.

2. Establishing Quality Targets

ASCA's quality targets shall indicate the direction of activities for providing high-quality documentation services. Specific numerical values and indices shall be set for the quality of deliverables, strict compliance with delivery dates, cost management, etc., and action plans shall be developed for achieving the targets, including allocation of resources.

3. Establishing an Efficient Operation Process

Standardization of the operation process is important to providing quality at a consistent level. ASCA shall establish standard operating procedures to define operation procedures and rules and to reduce variations in quality.

4. Continuous Improvement

Through continuous improvement activities, ASCA shall engage in activities to achieve quality targets. In addition to regular reviews of operation process, problems shall be reported promptly and shared so that quality control processes and operation methods can be continuously improved.

5. Enhancing Human Resources

ASCA has trained highly skilled personnel and established a solid quality control system. Training shall be provided to employees and partners regularly to ensure they have high levels of expertise and operational skills so that reliable services can be provided.

6. Compliance

ASCA shall observe agreements with customers regarding the quality of services to be provided, shall be fully conversant with relevant laws and regulations, and shall comply with same.

7. Review of this Policy

In consideration of various community issues, changes in people's values and lifestyles, technological innovation, and expansion of business fields, ASCA shall review this Policy as necessary and amend it where appropriate.

ASCA shall highly value the trust its customers place in ASCA and shall respond in good faith to the quality demands of both customers and society. Through our efforts to attain those goals, ASCA shall build on the trust that is placed in us.

First Adopted: July 1, 2023

Eiko Ishioka
ASCA Corporation