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Science / AAASJapan &Science AAAS: For the Future of Science and Innovation in Japan
September 20, 2018

Science Japan Meeting 2018 ended successfully. It was the first time for Science to organize such an event in Japan. It was a great opportunity to reach out to different researchers, academia, and stakeholders and overall increase the visibility of Science in Japan.

All the key speakers and presenters pointed out different key areas that had been in trend and those that has to be taken into consideration in coming days.
The publisher of the Science, Bill Moran reported that Japan's citation remain flat on fourth place on the world ranking, compared to China's breakthrough growing tremendously. Dr. Holt pointed out the science policy around the world to still remain highly depended upon the budgetary constraints, Dr. Malcom presented her view on how diversity is important in the scientific world and the way she has tried to incorporate and reflect them in her working sphere.

The elite presenters from Japan also presented examples of budgeting system related to the science and technology, young foster development, corporate and university initiatives in Japan.

The more the areas in the development of science improve, the brighter will be the future of Japan.

Program Details

Opening address

Mr. Bill Moran

Publisher of Science Family of Journals, AAAS


Keynote speech

"Advancing Science Through Publishing, Communications, and Advocacy."

Dr. Rush D. Holt

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Publisher of Science Family of Journals, AAAS


Speech 1

"The Other Impact Factor AAAS: Supporting Diversity in Science"

Dr. Shirley M. Malcom

Director, Education and Human Resources Programs (EHR), AAAS


Speech 2

"Support to Young Researchers"

Prof. Hiroshi Nagano

Visiting fellow, Program officer of Center for Research and Development Strategy Japan Science and Technology Agency; AAAS fellow


Speech 3

"Making World Competitive Research Hub: Activities of WPI-AIMR"

Prof. Motoko Kotani

Director, Professor and Principal Investigator, Advanced Institute for Materials Research, & Mathematics Institute, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University


Speech 4

Expectation on Academic Research & collaboration for Innovative Drug Development

Dr. Junichi Koga

Head of R&D Division, Senior Executive Officer, Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd.,



"How can we foster capable researchers and educators? - Expected roles of a research university, the case of Waseda University"

Prof. Aiji Tanaka

The President of Waseda University, past-president of International Political Science Association



Networking reception


Sponsor ASCA Corporation
Co-Sponsor Science/AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
Support Council on Competitiveness-Nippon
Venue Tokyo American Club(2-1-1 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
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