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ASCA's Translators

Translators are vital to ASCA’s delivery of the highest quality of service, and their excellence is second to none. Only 5% of applicants clear our screening process and are allowed to register as our translators. More than 40% of those who build careers at ASCA have medical/pharmaceutical backgrounds. Overall, 80% of our translators are science graduates.

Rigorous Screening

We select our translators on the basis of their specialist knowledge in medicine, pharmacy, and other scientific fields, as well as their linguistic skills. Applicants will be interviewed to share mutual benefits and business goals. We treasure our team of responsive individuals with whom we can build a long-term partnership of trust.

Human Resource Development

We give due consideration to each translator's area of expertise, experience and work speed as well as the level of difficulty and volume of each document. We are dedicated to achieving continuous development for our registered translators, editors and writers. Kick-off meetings are held for certain projects, energizing teamwork and information exchange.

Feedback System

Feedback to translators is provided through the return of documents that have been reviewed by ASCA and/or a native proofreader, or via delivered documents that have been reviewed by the client. Each member of our team is annually evaluated for their quality of work, speed, and professionalism.

Learning Opportunities

ASCA Academy provides various background knowledge as well as updated information from latest research to the real clinical trial process. The courses provided at ASCA academy aim at strengthening the skills of our human resources and are also accessible online. Through ASCA Academy, senior translators, subject matter experts and ASCA staff provide sessions on a regular basis to provide these learning opportunities.