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 Science Japan Customer Service Office

ASCA acts as Science Japan Customer Service Office, which supports Japnanese customers of Science magazine published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Washington, D.C.  (

We promote the following activities for AAAS.

  • Translation of the weekly table of contents of Science magazine into Japanese on a near real-time basis.
  • Helping researchers in Japan submit papers to Science, subscribe to Science magazine and access other benefits of AAAS membership.
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  • ASCA supports the AAAS with taking care of subscriptions of the journal Science and translating articles for the Japan related website into Japanese based on cooperative relations for 10 odd years established between ASCA and AAAS.
  • Such good relations with AAAS, ASCA has earned a reputation as a company specializing in the areas of science and technology in Japan, whereby many Japanese companies trust ASCA and count on ASCA's expertise in translating scientific and technical documents into Japanese from English.


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