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 Values of ASCA

ASCA advances with science. Science inspires curiosity, explores the unknown and makes new discoveries.

To all those who love the challenges of science, we deliver the most up-to-date scientific information from the world over.

Supreme Expertise

ASCA is proud of our superior resource network that not only links our organization internally but also extends well beyond. We partner with doctors and researchers who help us hone our expertise, by supplying us with the most up-to-date information so that the desires of our clients and the demands of competitive markets are fully satisfied. We spare no effort to improve our knowledge and skill base, and we take advantage of the synergy achieved among our scientific translation and documentation projects, to increase our capacity to handle ever broader domains in these fields.

The life science business is changing rapidly, becoming increasingly diversified and specialized. ASCA has naturally kept pace with these developments and we can adroitly cover the entire spectrum of a sector's activities, from basic research, clinical studies, drug formulation and regulation, through to marketing and publicity. In addition to translation, our solutions extend throughout diverse areas, including medical and scientific writing.

Quality Assurance

ASCA relies on its own in-house system of quality control. Our meticulousness is comprehensive. We use specialized checklists to cross-check translation documents for omissions or errors and ensure appropriate use of terminology and consistency of wording, as well as proper integration of display rules and styles.

A dedicated quality control (QC) leader is assigned to certain projects to provide total and continuous quality upgrades.

Reliable Teamwork

ASCA nurtures a wealth of enthusiastic human resources: translators, writers, linguists and proofreaders (including native English speakers), as well as DTP operators. The project manager (PM) leads and coordinates the various teams of translators, writers, linguists, and QC staff, to optimize the quality of the important documents entrusted to us by our clients, so that maximum benefit is reliably delivered.

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