ASCA Corporation - Experts in medical language services



ASCA's service is simply perfect: we deliver tailor-made solutions to meet the diverse needs of our busy clients.

Translation and Writing Languages:
 Asian languages
 European languages
 Languages in Americas
Type of documents:
 Pharmaceutical dossiers
 Research paper
 Presentation materials for conference/meeting
Writing options:
 Summarization of medical publication
 QC (Quality Check)
 Quality reviews
 Data analysis and compilation of figures and tables
Proofreading Proofreading
Paper Submission Support Support for response to reviewers
Preparation of cover letters
Proposals for journal submissions
Editing following the instructions to authors
Marketing Support Transcription
Sales promotion content planning
Article editing
Surveys (e.g. competing drugs, KOL surveys)
Proofreading Printing, layout
Expert Review Translation supervision by Japanese medical professionals

We meet our clients' needs through our core service of document translation in wide-ranging fields, such as the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, NDA, marketing and post-marketing activities, publicity, and academic papers, as well as legal, administrative, and IT documentation.

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