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 Rigorous Translation Process

  • Experienced professional translators have extensive experience in the specialized field.
  • Translations receive a thorough review by a second person that assures your translation.
  • We are faithful to the original document (no omissions, additions or typos; all numerical data are double-checked)
  • Translations make sense technically to an expert in the field (appropriate terminology and expressions)
  • Translations are well written and easy to understand (native fluency)
  • Translations comply with client-specific style and terminology requirements (style guide and glossary)is formatted correctly (layout, file formats, etc.)
  • Many technical translations suffer from the syndrome: "The sentences are grammatical and the words are mostly technical terms in the field, but when I read it carefully I can't exactly say what the author is trying to communicate."
  • ASCA's strong commitment to excellence in translation, and our rigorous process to deliver on that commitment, overcomes this common problem.
  • Try ASCA and you will see that we are a unique translation company.
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