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 Reference Prices

Service Unit Price (JPY) Unit
Japanese Pharmaceutical translation / Japanese Medical translation English to Japanese 20 English
Japanese into English
(incl. proofreading by native
English speakers)
15 Japanese character
European into English 17.5 word
English into European 17.5 word
Interpretation Conference
100,000 8 hrs/person
80,000 4 hrs/person
Others 70,000 8 hrs/person
50,000 4 hrs/person
Transcription Japanese 40,000 1 h
English 60,000 -   1 h


  • The above price table shows prices for your reference only. We will work out price estimation at no charge on receiving your job inquiry.
  • Consumption tax (8.00%) is not included in the above prices.
  • Quotation and payment in USD available. Please ask us.
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