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 Pharmaceutical Translation

ASCA helps pharmaceutical companies with document and web content translation for the entire pharmaceutical product cycle from research and development through postmarketing.

We deliver the terminology, formats, precision and speed needed to support the entire spectrum of your communication with regulators, physicians, patients, partners, insurers and investors.

  • We specialize in translating application documents including new drug applications for the regulatory authorities of Japan
  • Clients can obtain Japanese contents thereby accessible to the world No. 2 medical market.
  • Documents for translation range from research and development to postmarketing
  • All areas of pharmaceutical businesses are covered whereby clients can have Japanese documents necessary to carry out business in Japan.
  • ASCA has many specialized translators.
  • Clients can expect fast and accurate Japanese translations of an immense amount of regulatory application documents
  • ASCA has provided training of project management to translators.
  • Our translators have excellent time management skills in performing their jobs, so clients have less worry about the deadlines of the jobs.
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