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 Job Process

ASCA performs jobs according to the following process.

  1. As soon as ASCA receives an inquiry from a client,
  2. ASCA holds a meeting or meetings with the client
  3. To find what kinds of needs the client has.
  4. After ASCA and the client confirm the needs, ASCA will have a presentation in which ASCA explains how ASCA processes the job received from the client.
  5. ASCA receives a job confirmation from the client.
  6. ASCA starts translation.
  7. When the job's volume is large, ASCA will provide progress reports to the client so that the client does not have to worry about how the job is processed.
  8. ASCA finishes the translation and delivers it.
  9. ASCA expects feedback from the client to utilize it for future business improvement.
  10. Based on the feedback received from the client, ASCA will improve quality of business processes and services for the customer.
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