ASCA Corporation - Experts in medical language services


 Service Policy

  • All ASCA's in-house staff and our large network of outside contractors, including both native Japanese and native speakers of English, are specialists in medical and pharmaceutical-related fields. Our deep resources assure expertise in complex subject areas and ample capacity for high volume, short-turnaround projects.
  • ASCA works closely with leading Japanese physicians and university professors to ensure compliance with the latest terminology and expressions in each field. Multiple quality checks assure accuracy and consistency. ASCA is one of the few Japanese translation companies to subscribe to the Japanese version of MedDRA glossaries.
  • Yen, dollar or Euro based pricing available.
  •  Strong network and personnel security measures are strictly enforced, protecting your confidential information.
  •  ASCA's bilingual project managers communicate carefully with clients during client's business hours to assure prompt and detailed follow through on client-specific document requirements.
  •  All major document and electronic regulatory submission formats are supported.
  •  ASCA's alliance with MediLingua in the Netherlands allows us to offer world-class translations of European languages in addition to Japanese and English.
  • ASCA serves as the Japan office of Science magazine published by the American Association for Advancement of Science.
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